Since its establishment in 1994, Saki Corporation has acquired a worldwide position in the field of automated visual inspection equipment for printed circuit board assembly. The Company has achieved this important goal guided by the motto embodied in its corporate principle — "Challenging the creation of new value." 
Saki Corporation designs and manufactures automated optical systems for the inspection and measurement of printed circuit boards which are used in the production of electronic products throughout the world. Saki machines can inspect all size components such as 01005, 0201, and 0402s and packages like BGAs, CSPs, LGAs, PoPs, and QFNs for applications that include smart phones, tablet terminals, laptops, cloud servers, base stations, facility equipment, navigation systems, on-vehicle modules, and aircraft devices.
Saki's systems are designed for versatility. They can be used in critical inspection and measurement environments where high reliability is essential and failure is not an option -- like medical, automotive, military, and aerospace. They also fit the simpler "golden board" environments. The intuitive programming software of the algorithm-based system lets the operator zero-in on the areas that need a closer look and lets the user perform many of the functions of a programmer, even without being one. Saki's software packages offer extensive peripherals for repair, remote monitoring, and SPC. This gives the flexibility to just do a simple inspection of a golden board or the option to use the algorithms to delve much deeper into the actual measurements of the solder paste or component or explore a particular area.
Saki's knowledge of 2D and 3D technology and systems has been applied in partnership with major manufacturers of placement equipment, screen printers, and other systems for machine-2-machine communication in the SMT line to realize a highly productive, efficient manufacturing process. Saki is part of the Fuji Machine Manufacturing's "FUJI Smart Factory with Nexim" initiative.
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3D AOI SAKI (model 3Di-LS2 / LD2 / ZS2)

3D AOI (model 3Di-LS2-L)

3D SPI SAKI (model 3Si-LS2 / LD2 / ZS2)

2D AOI SAKI (model BF-Frontier II)

2D AOI SAKI (model BF-Sirius)

X-RAY SAKI (model BF-X3)

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