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Americká společnost Kester nabízí širokou škálu materiálů určených pro elektrotechnický průmysl.

Ve svém portfoliu jsou pájecí pasty, tyčový cín, pájecí dráty a tavidla.

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NeVo NeVo je dceřiná firma společnosti AMTECH. Zabývá se výrobou spotřebních materiálů do SMT průmyslu. Pro více informací prosím kontaktujte: Daniel Pospíšil (dp@nevo-solder.com / mob. : +420 776 120 528).

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EP256HA Solder Paste

EP256HA Solder Paste EP256HA is a no-clean, air or nitrogen reflowable solder paste specifically designed to provide maximum print characteristics and solderability on lead-free parts using leaded solder paste. EP256HA has been designed for applications that require the ultimate activity with respect to difficult to solder to components and board surface metalizations. EP256HA is also capable of stencil printing after downtimes of up to 90 minutes with an effective first print down to 20 mils. EP256HA is a solder paste formula that maintains its activity and printing characteristics for up to 8 hours without any shear thinning.

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HM531 Solder Paste

HM531 Solder Paste Kester HM531 is a halide-free, organic acid, water-soluble solder paste that provides users with the highest level of consistency and performance. Batch after batch, HM531 provides hours of stable stencil life, tack time and repeatable brick definition. HM531’s robust printing characteristics result in consistent solder paste volume regardless of idle time, stencil life and print speed. The activator package in the HM531 is very aggressive and provides superior wetting to OSP-coated PCB’s and PdAg components. The outstanding batch consistency, anti-slump chemistry, consistent print volumes, solderability and cleanability make the HM531 an ideal water-soluble solder paste for any application.

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NP505-HR Solder Paste

NP505-HR Solder Paste Kester NP505-HR is a zero-halogen, lead-free, no-clean solder paste formula developed specifically for high reliability applications. NP505-HR has been formulated to have reliable residues even in harsh damp cycling SIR testing. NP505-HR can handle a wide variety of printer variables, including print speed and long idle times with a wide range of temperatures and humidities. NP505-HR is fully capable of printing and reflowing 01005 components in air reflow with minimal graping behavior. Post-soldering, the NP505-HR offers minimized defects, including head-in-pillow and QFN/BGA voiding. This paste is zero-halogen, exceeding the IPC definition for halogen-free. NP505-HR is classified as ROL0 per IPC J-STD-004B.

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NXG1 Solder Paste

NXG1 Solder Paste Kester NXG1 is a lead-free, no-clean solder paste designed to be used in air and nitrogen atmospheres and handle the thermal requirements of lead-free alloys. The paste flux system allows joint appearances that closely resemble that achieved with SnPb alloys. NXG1 is capable of stencil printing downtimes up to 120 minutes with an effective first print down to 0.4mm (16 mil) pitch QFPs. NXG1 also offers excellent cosmetic appearance in the reflowed solder joints with smooth, shiny solder and light colored residues. This paste also features the longest shelf life of any product in its class at 8 months. NXG1 is ANSI/J-SDTD-005 compliant. The flux as per IPC ANSI/J-STD-004B is classified ROL1.

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R276 Solder Paste

R276 Solder Paste Kester R276 is a no-clean solder paste specifically designed for optimal characteristics in all types of dispensing applications. R276 is packaged void-free to insure consistent dispensing in high speed automated processes. R276 is available in Sn63Pb37 and Sn96.5Ag3.0Cu0.5 alloys. The flow characteristics of R276 provide for excellent dispensing characteristics with a wide range of needle diameters.

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