Dávkování 1K / 2K materiálů

Německá firma Scheugenpflug AG je již 20 let předním dodavatelem dávkovacích systémů a strojů ...

... pro automatizaci procesů nanášení jednosložkových i vícesložkových materiálů jak při běžných podmínkách atmosférického tlaku, tak ve vakuovém prostředí.

Vše Dávkovací hlavy Zásobníky Dávkování pod vakuem Dávkování při běžném atm. tlaku

Volumetric Piston Dispenser Dos P

Volumetric Piston Dispenser Dos P Piston Metering Systems – precise, robust, durable

The Dos P piston dispensers are volumetric dispensing systems designed to work with 1C and 2C materials. These dispensing systems are extremely accurate and offer a constant mixing ratio, which guarantees highest process reliability. The systems of the Dos P series are all based on a robust mechanical engineering principle and are available in different sizes and models. Their metering cylinders are perfectly dimensioned with regards to the required volume and mixing ratio. An added benefit for even higher process reliability is the fact that metering accuracy does not depend on temperature, pressure or viscosity of the casting resin. When 2C materials are used, the mixing ratio is kept constant by discharging both cylinders absolutely simultaneously into the mixing tube. As a result, reaction time, or pot life, starts at this very moment. The two components are mixed inside of the static mixing tube until they are absolutely homogeneous. The seal and the cylinder inside walls are cleaned with a rinsing liquid each time the piston strikes, which removes aggressive product residues. This effectively minimises soiling and wear and tear of machine parts. At the same time, the adverse effects of atmospheric moisture are kept at bay. A Dos P dispensing system is the best choice with regards to reliability and service life no matter which material is used, but particularly when applying abrasive dispensing media.

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Alternating Piston Dispenser Dos P-A

Alternating Piston Dispenser Dos P-A Uninterrupted Large Quantity Dispensing

The Dos P-A is the system of choice if large quantities have to be applied quickly. In this design, one cylinder pair is loaded while the other is discharged. This allows the output of large quantities of dispensing material in very short times. Filling time is no longer an issue. Therefore, this system is ideal for filling large quantities or applying long beads of sealants or adhesives (continuous dispensing).

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Small-Quantity Dispenser Dos PM

Small-Quantity Dispenser Dos PM High precision for small and micro quantities

Dos PM, the metering and dispensing system for small quantities, includes all performance features of the Dos P model line, but is optimised for dispensing quantities between 0.005 and 0.04 ml, using 1C media. It is used for applying dots or beads, for filling, for dam&fill applications, and for encapsulating, e.g. chips on a smartcard leadframe.

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Small and Micro Quantities Dispensers Dos Jet | Dos PMU

Small and Micro Quantities Dispensers Dos Jet | Dos PMU Contact-free – Electropneumatic: Dos Jet - Miniaturisation requirements also impact the metering and dispensing technology. As a result, we included the Dos Dot and Dos Jet metering and dispensing systems for smallest quantities in the nanolitre range into our portfolio. They deliver extremely high metering and dispensing accuracy and speed, offering contact-free application of casting resins. Opening and closing of the valves is controlled electropneumatically. To keep change-over times as short as possible, a plug&play principle is applied. The advantages of this system are clearly in the area of handling easy-to-process dispensing media at low shot frequencies.

Contact-free – Piezo Controlled: Dos PMU - For higher small and micro quantity dispensing frequencies or more forceful dispensing than the electropneumatically driven tappet can deliver, the Dos PMU dispenser is recommended. Like Dos Dot and Dos Jet it offers extremely high metering and dispensing accuracy and speed. Opening and closing of the valves in this case is controlled piezoelectrically. To keep change-over times as short as possible, the plug&play principle is applied here as well. Harder-to-process dispensing media are easy to handle for the piezoelectrically powered tappet. The permissible higher forces allow processing of dispensing media beyond the limits of electropneumatically controlled tappet drives.

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Gear Pump Dispenser Dos GP

Gear Pump Dispenser Dos GP Gear Pump Dispensers – for special dispensing tasks; absolutely unbeatable

The Dos GP systems are the first choice for applications requiring 1C, highly viscous, but non-abrasive and unfilled dispensing materials. As a result, these systems are the best for applying continuous beads. Their gear pumps operate on the principle of rotating volumetric displacement. The geometry of the gear and the number of cogs determine the metering output. The rotating speed precisely controls the metering output. This renders the dispensing process absolutely continuous and constant. These systems work fast and accurately – even on complex geometries of the workpiece component.

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