Dávkování 1K / 2K materiálů

Německá firma Scheugenpflug AG je již 20 let předním dodavatelem dávkovacích systémů a strojů ...

... pro automatizaci procesů nanášení jednosložkových i vícesložkových materiálů jak při běžných podmínkách atmosférického tlaku, tak ve vakuovém prostředí.

Vše Dávkovací hlavy Zásobníky Dávkování pod vakuem Dávkování při běžném atm. tlaku

Dos A90 | Dos A220 | Dos A280 | Dos A310

Dos A90 | Dos A220 | Dos A280 | Dos A310 Manual work stations – the easy, economic and reliable entry-level solution that offers more

The Dos manual work stations consist of modules of various performance scopes, which can be easily adapted to the process requirements and can be flexibly extended. Combining material preparation units and feeding systems with metering and dispensing systems is possible without limitations. The result is always an integrated high-performance dispensing work station. A perfectly tuned system is more efficient than stand-alone solutions, because in this case material preparation, mixing, metering and dispensing are all perfectly matched both to one another and to the medium. Basic models include a material preparation or feeding unit and a metering and dispensing unit on a stand. Controls for the dispensing system are already fully integrated. The preparation, feeding and dispensing processes are end-to-end designed by a single provider. At manual work places the entire system is conveniently started with a foot switch.

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DesktopCell Compact and optimised for simple gluing and dispensing tasks

The DesktopCell is a compact, integrated solution for small to medium-sized batches and for prototype production. It unites all the advantages of a fully fledged dispensing cell and a small footprint. The functionalities of the SCP 200+ control unit are extensive, allowing to intuitively control the cell via touch screen. All information about the different metering and dispensing programs is directly programmed on the unit and stored there as well. The control unit communicates with the material feeding unit and controls both the dispenser and the high-precision 3-axis system with precision spindles. No matter what the application, be it dot dispensing, applying of lines or beads, or filling processes, all metering and dispensing tasks are perfectly reproducible. If there are more complex tasks to handle and the compact desktop system is still big enough for the job, it is possible to switch to a CNC-enabled Beckhoff control unit with UVISnano visualisation.

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CNCell Ultimate performance and scalability

Where a high flexibility at medium and high production quantities is required, the CNCell is the system of choice. This multi-functional cell is based on standardised modules and it is tailored to customer specifications. Highly flexible and scalable through its modular design, it allows short planning and implementation times and a quick adaptation to changes in process and batch size. The CNCell can be used in combination with any material preparation or feeding units. The equipment can be used almost immediately thanks to the easy-to-use plug&play design. The wide range of available dimensions, production processes, part handling options and material flow or machine control units allows a completely customisable set-up of a system tailored to specific needs.

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LeanCNCell The production of small and medium-sized batches at the forefront of our thinking

The LeanCNCell is specially designed to handle all metering and dispensing tasks for small and mediumsized batch production. It unites all advantages of a CNC system, including a precision axis control system, with an appealing price-performance ratio. Standard applications include dot and bead dispensing or sealing of electronic assemblies and their housings with 1D, 2D or 3D contours. A wide selection of dispensers is available for use with the LeanCNCell. The Scheugenpflug UVISneo is used to control it. The dispensing material is supplied from cartridges or by means of external supply units. It represents an alternative to the DesktopCell wherever other model sizes or the possibility of process monitoring (scales, needle status measurement, heater, etc.) are required.

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Processing Module Basic | Processing Module Premium

Processing Module Basic | Processing Module Premium High-grade processing technology for easy integration

The processing module allows systems integrators and automation providers to leverage the benefits of ultimate processing technology standards in their production lines or cells. Automation providers can integrate the processing module into new or existing production lines or production cells as easy as "plug-and-play". This ensures that all parameters and processes relevant for gluing and dispensing – independently of the rest of the machine – are accurately matched to one another. You can therefore benefit from our 25 years’ experience in metering and dispensing technology, regardless of which technology you prefer or need for other processes. The process module is available as a Basic Model or as a Premium Model.

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